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    The #1   

DaveMade enthusiasts around the World


Station 5

Puerto Rico

DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade

Here his watergate recordings here! Very loud station

 Click below to listen

 Comp #1

 Comp #2

 (Send me more #5 !! )

World Wide DaveMade Station 5 in Puerto Rico!


Station 5 and his bro

Notice the Trophies! It is a DaveMade World

WorldWide Station 5 - His antenna system -

5 elements of antenna gettin pounded by a DaveMade 16 pill Hammer

16 pills in his mobile! Its a DaveMade World

got trophy!  get DaveMade!

DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade

Trojans ' Stock up - she is gonna need them

Volt it to the moon!

Thanks for the photos 5  -  73's,

Good Luck    -=BattleAxe=-


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