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DaveMade enthusiasts around the World


------------ T2W ------------

Rest in Peace my friend

We all miss you and what you did for CB radio and the CB radio forums ; )

Tommy 2 Watt

The Trash Talkin

Rufus of New Jersey

DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade

New Pictures 2004!!!

Ain't no junk in his trunk

1x4 DaveMade driving 16 pill DaveMade


(3) 240's Done by CBR electronics


DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade DaveMade

Tommy 2 Watts - Older Setup....

T2W's Burban haulin the trash

Dash - Bird Movements - Voltage regulator

Is that an 8 Track in there?

The 2x8 DaveMade, external rectifiers,

and a gay purple

Rubbermaid battery box

Another Dash shot

Predator 10K Mounted in back

New Graphics kit so the Crack addicts can't see inside

Side and rear windows views

(Right hand over your heart now Mr.USA)

It is a DaveMade World

Thanks for the photos T2W! Send more!!  -  73's,

Good Luck    -=BattleAxe=-


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