-- (Updated Apr2011 with no updates)Oct. 2004 --

NorthWest Corner CB Picnic

Plans have already started

The picnic was a huge success!

 I was able to meet many of the great 

people I have heard out on the band.


Next RFPARTS.com Order piling up


Rumors of 228 getting beat up at the Dixie Tavern

2 punks (his words) kicked his ass - Cops called.

CB radio used in communication to make sure

 the coast is clear before returning

 home in the Caravan. Are the Cops still there??

DX is rolling East Coast -SouthEast

Texas - and still some Cali in the Late evenings.

Made one Australia DX (630)

SuperBowl is rockin

Tweakers cause a ruckus on the band

BigFoot smells more 10/100 Ohm smoke

228 Leaves Town - Turns around after

 Blue Eyes calls for him

BattleAxe and Cruzer find Mod swing for

Grant LT's - Cost $1.50

4:56am The Tweakers are still awake

Bax's Suburban has no Spark.

- Can't find problem -


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