Alternator Conversions and Fabrication

BattleBurban Alternator set up. Serpentine belt this time!!!


Battle Burban Project - Bax and Skyhawk engineering


 I installed a ignition relay so that one guy can't leave the alternator on overnight again.

If you even find 'Him', let me know, we need to chat.


Battle Axe - One Leece Neville 20volts holds 200amps. Mini-Burban (old)


Alternator built by Truck and Tractor, TNT in Albany Oregon


Super Modulator 3 Total alternators!!! One hidden. Clean Install - Looks even better in person!


SkyHawk Mobile 3 total alternators. One 12volt for drivers and the others at 20v.


3 rollin' so far....more to come


#13 VA DaveMade Suburban!!

8 200 Leece's



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