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CB Family Picnic and Break

2003 - Rooster Rock State Park


The picnic was a huge success!


 I was able to meet many of the great


people I have heard out on the band.



Finally got to meet and shake the hands of:


Clarence Crack Carter - TX


Bozo the Clown -ID


Commander - Las Vegas


Rusty Nail - CA


and man many many more!




Click on the this link to see pictures!




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Seattle Members

Coast to Coast, Prime Minister, Will Kill, Lil Boss, Rev.Dr.KC, White Ghost, 192, Papa Bear ,  Pipe Layer

, Marshall B. Dillon, Ambush, Holy Roller, Steel Locomotive, Old Man TC, Shack115, MC Kurt717, Scooter Dude,

 MrBig, Lady McLyte, Razor Blade, John Henry, Big Wolf, Soul Keeper, Lady Piglet, Crazy Cuda, Lil Red


Spokane Members

357, 531, 250, 166, Cherokee


Portland Members

Super Star, Brain Damage, Sky Hawk, Doctor Audio, Johnny B Good, BattleAxe, Pump House Jessie, God Father

 469, Bad Company, Dead Battery, Super Modulator, Ice Cream, Mr. Lucky, 606, 84, 187, DC 76,

Sweet Pea, Sweet Cheeks, Sweet Cakes II, Johnny Brown, 711, Dragon, 30 Cal, Hangman, LA Wolf, Lobo,

Joe Willie, Fire Fighter, CruzerMan


Southern Oregon Members



We were very proud to welcome our Special Guests

James Boys (CA),  555 Triple Nickel (KA),  222 Big DAWG (KA),

Clarence C. Carter (TX), 654 (N. CA), 63 (CA),

Caliber 45 (TX)


Competition Results:


2 Pill : DeadBattery


4 Pill : SkyHawk (DaveMade)


8 Pill : HighRoller (DaveMade)


16 Pill : SkyHawk (DaveMade)


32 Pill : Trouble -CA.


DC Sky : Coast to Coast - Hi Tech - C-Town


Best of Show : Coast to Coast - Hi Tech - C-Town


Most Distance Traveled : Crack Carter



Special Thanks to:


Prime - Dr RevKC - Brain Damage


The Good Time Gang of Portland


And their family's





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