-- 4th annual NorthWest Corner --

CB Family Picnic and Break

2004 Seattle Washington

 Isaac Evans  Park


Once again, this picnic was a huge success!



Competition Results:


2 Pill : SkyHawk (Davemade)


4 Pill : BattleAxe (DaveMade)


8 Pill : HighRoller (DaveMade)


16 Pill : BattleAxe (DaveMade)


32 Pill : SkyHawk (DaveMade)


DC Sky : Coast to Coast - Hi Tech - Sea-Town (3rd year winner)


Best of Show : 629 of the 'James Boyz' Northern Cal


Most Distance Traveled : Dr. Aggravator - SandPile


Humanitaian Award: Brain Damage - Portland



Special Thanks to:


Prime - Dr RevKC - Brain Damage


The Good Time Gang of Portland


And their family's







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